February 12th -  Meeting and sign up at Andover Pizza Ranch RSVP required
​                      5:30 Dinner Starts

                       6:15 Meeting Starts Ends by 7:30

February 14th -  2nd Meeting (if needed) at Andover Pizza Ranch RSVP

Mid March   Saturday EQ sessions 10am- 12 pm

 April 2rd - Tuesday EQ sessions begin

April 4th - Thursday EQ sessions begin

​April 22rd and 26th no EQ meet at Expo

April 27th -  Minnesota Expo and Rodeo (optional)

May 18th - First EQ Show starts at 10:00 

May 27th - 31st - No EQ

June 15th - EQ Show starts at 9:00 am

July 1st - July 7th- Roselawn closed No EQ

July 13th or 20th - EQ Fun Show weather depending start time to be announced

July 29th -August 2nd No EQ

August ?-  Last 2019 EQ Show date and time to be announced

August 24th -25th Camping Trip     (August 31st make up date)

August 28th and 30th - last EQs 

EQ Awards Banquet- date to be announced

Sleep overs and Fun days to be announced

This program is designed for those individuals who are interested in continue to develop their riding skills.

Where Friends and Family Come Together  

Roselawn Stables

2019 Roselawn Stables' Tentative Equestrian Team Schedule

Updated 2019